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Ragone - Furniture & Interior Design - Milan, Italy
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RAGONE - Furniture&Interior Design

The workshop was born in the '70s from the idea of Giovanni Ragone, whose engagement has soon shown a particular attention to the hand-crafted quality production.

Relying upon years of experience clinging to traditional values, the company has then sought a continuous innovation, interpreting life-styles and contemporary trends.

Traditional techniques have been gradually backed up by specific competences in the field of design, new planning softwares and innovative machinery for high precision manufacturing.
Today, the developments and processes of each productive division are supervised by Andrea and Christian Ragone, who look both to the original orientation and to the future perspectives, through a dynamic and innovative business approach.


Starting from the preliminary study and analysis, to the final draft of the project, furniture production is always careful to every detail, both formal and functional.
Each material meets high grade requirements and has certified origins. Within the environmental conservation laws, materials are manufactured in eco-friendly and low emission plants.

"Custom solutions"

The attention to personal life styles and contemporary trends allows the design and the realization of solutions which satisfy specific needs in terms of livability and comfort. "Custom solutions" means not only dimension adaptability, but also accurate selection of materials, colors and finishing of each internal arrangement.